Healthcare False Claims

Healthcare Fraud involves violation of laws affecting patient care. These include false claims associated with

  • medical care or services
  • medical diagnosis and treatment
  • drugs and biologicals
  • supplies, appliances, equipment, hospitals and other facilities
  • violations of the Stark and/or Kickback statutes.

A separate area of Matt’s expertise involves the prosecution of healthcare fraud (including pharmaceutical fraud and Medicare fraud), and lawsuits for whistleblowers under the qui tam provisions of the Federal False Claims Act. In partnership with Nolan Auerbach & White, P.L., one of the preeminent whistleblower firms in the country, Matt handles healthcare fraud qui tam cases.  Combining his talents with the false claims expertise of Nolan Auerbach & White, Matt and his colleagues offer full familiarity and experience with the statutes, regulations, and CMS and OIG views of the various areas of healthcare fraud. Nolan Auerbach & White has a long record of published articles on various areas of healthcare fraud.  In addition, the Firm has been an expert source for the media (“In The News”) for over a decade, and has a long track record of success as noted in the Firm’s recent notable cases.  For more information about federal false claims cases, visit the Nolan Auerbach & White website.