White Collar/Regulatory Compliance

White Collar Criminal Law encompasses a variety of complex legal issues and challenges commonly faced by people and organizations accused of fraud (housing, banking, securities, accounting, tax, healthcare), antitrust violations, export control improprieties, RICO, and environmental and other regulatory offenses. Matt provides an integrated, client-centered approach to determining the best course of action that will enhance his client’s ability to achieve a favorable outcome.

As an attorney who specializes in this field of practice, Matt brings more than thirty years of training and experience to task as a successful litigator. Matt’s goal is to give you information and available options while guiding you through the legal process. In addition, Matt will create a comprehensive strategic plan, specific to your personal situation, that will be both effective and cost efficient.

Sub-specialties of Matt’s practice include representing law enforcement personnel against allegations of misconduct as well as the full range of administrative, civil and, if necessary, criminal proceedings.

Matt’s proactive approach to assisting his corporate clients also includes helping them to avoid official allegations of misconduct by working with them to design and implement effective compliance programs.  In this area of his work, Matt is often called upon to conduct internal investigations for his corporate clients in matters involving healthcare violations (e.g., Medicare fraud), securities improprieties (e.g., insider trading), intellectual property theft, accounting irregularities, export controls, and antitrust issues.  Where appropriate, Matt has assisted clients in making voluntary disclosures of wrongdoing, enabling them to secure protection under government “safe harbor” programs.