“In the month of March, 2010 I reported normally to work as a police officer. By the end of my watch I started a horrific journey which finally ended in the month of January 2015. Yes, if you do the math it was a five-year nightmare which ended with a triumphant victory for myself and some co-workers. I might as well write a book if I get into specifics of my case, I have to admit it would be very entertaining.
So let’s keep it simple, but interesting. In March of 2010 I was placed on administrative duty by my department for violating an individual’s fourth amendment right. The case was bounced around in the local level, state level, and eventually to the federal level. Hence the FBI stepped in and started a four-year investigation. As you can imagine my life was turned upside down with so many questions and no answers. Within a week or so of being placed on administrative duty I received a telephone call from the attorney assigned to my case, this is when my lucked turned for the better.

My attorney was Matthew Pavone, I met him soon after in his office in Novato, CA. Matt’s presence, intelligence, experience, professionalism was immediately comforting. We spoke for hours not only about my case, but he wanted to get to know me as a person, about my family. Four years had gone by from the time I met Matt. The federal government held numerous Grand Jury sessions and on February 28th, 2014 I received a disappointing phone call from Matt stating I was being federally indicted. The very next morning I met with Matt and representatives of my department. I turned in my department issued star and weapon and I was placed on leave with no pay. By the afternoon I was standing in front of federal judge being read my charges, it was the lowest point of my life.

Matt and I spent the better part of 2014 preparing for trial, we spent countless hours on the case. Per Matt’s request I stood shoulder to shoulder with him in a suit any time we had a court hearing with the federal judge, whether or not I needed to be present. I always followed his advice, because it showed Matt, the federal judge, and in no small part the federal prosecutors that I was prepared to defend myself. Trial was untimely scheduled to begin mid-January of 2015. Matt spent many years working at the federal court level and was very familiar with the process. He formulated a great plan for trial, a plan which at many times made me look forward to battling in court. My confidence with my case grew and grew every time I met with Matt.

A week before the trial was going to begin, I received a phone call from Matt. Apparently the federal prosecutors wanted to meet with Matt regarding my involvement with the case. After Matt’s meeting with the government, I was separated from the trial, and ultimately all charges were dropped. I returned to work and my nightmare had ended. Every time I went to court I could always see in the eyes of the prosecutors, they knew their case against me was weak, and most importantly they didn’t want to battle Matt in court. The prosecutors had worked with Matt in the past they knew what they were up against. My life slowly returned to normal I felt I was able to breathe again enjoy life with my beautiful wife, whom I call my rock, my family and friends! In my heart, I truly believe the outcome of my case was because of Matt. If I would have been assigned any other attorney my fate would have been different. I’m proud to call Matt not only my attorney but my friend. Thank you Matt!”

Eric E. , Police Officer                                                                                                                       __________________________________________________________________________

“Mr. Pavone was prepared, strategic and professional.  His amount of knowledge was impressive and his patience was greatly appreciated as he took the time to explain the intricate process I was experiencing.  I could not have asked for a better attorney of law.”

Lilia D. , Probation Officer                                                                                                                                                                    ___________________________________________________________________________

“I worked with Matt on two complex civil cases, one involving Civil Rico claims and the other involving financial fraud and elder abuse.  Matt is the best attorney I have ever partnered with in such cases.  His managerial and tactical skills are beyond reproach and he is a valuable asset in bringing about successful resolutions to complex cases.”

Frank S. Moore, Esq.
The Law Offices of Frank S. Moore, APC

“It was a privilege (and an education) for me to work with Matt and the co-counsel he selected in this matter, which required some years to resolve.

During our years of working together on what became a complex, rather tedious case, my respect for Matt’s competence and integrity never weakened. Matt correctly anticipated the procedural delays and dealt with them as well as we could. If I were to have a comparable case again, I would not hesitate to ask Matt to represent me again.”

James R. Bancroft
Bancroft Investments

“Subsequent to an indictment by a federal grand jury and feeling I wasn’t receiving the best representation from the initial attorney I hired, I found Mr. Pavone, a guy with a no non-sense attitude and extremely well versed in federal law.  The case was high-profile, technical and demanding but he kept me in the loop 24/7 and was not afraid to wake me up in the middle of the night to ask a question.  Going through what I went through, there’s nobody I would rather have by my side than Matt Pavone.”

J.D. Vaughn
California Department of Corrections, Special Agent (Retired)                                                                                                                                                                                          ___________________________________________________________________________

Matt served as my lawyer in two separate legal matters.  Matt was very professional in his approach to the case and was able to ensure a positive outcome with both issues.  Matt was very timely in response to all inquires and delivered quick, quality legal service.”

~ Craig C.


“I had the privilege of having Matt represent me in my first officer involved shooting incident.  Amongst the pressures I felt from the morass of biased media coverage, departmental interviews, and civil depositions taken by an aggressive plaintiff’s attorney prominent for bringing police misconduct cases, Matt seemed undaunted and his confidence of the matter put me at ease. Matt was professional and worked tenaciously to ensure my questions were answered, but more importantly, I felt he really cared for me as person, not just a client.  If faced with any type of legal matter in the future, I would not hesitate to call Matt.”
Officer Joel Aylworth
Oakland Police
“Matt Pavone represented me for several years in a very complicated piece of civil litigation (including a civil RICO claim) that had both criminal and civil implications.  Throughout our professional association, he consistently believed in me as well as my cause, and he demonstrated great skill and professionalism in his handling of my lawsuit.  Matt was particularly adept at coordinating and overseeing the selection and management of other legal specialists and experts that were engaged to assist us.  That process contributed significantly to containing the costs of what was already a very expensive undertaking.  Matt’s focus and energy for the case never waned, leading to a gratifying result.  I recommend Matt wholeheartedly, and I would absolutely use him again if the need arose.”


~ Michael K.


“I found myself involved in a convoluted federal criminal investigation.  I was referred to Matt because of his expertise in this area.  Matt’s representation was second to none.

Matt accurately predicted the series of events that were to unfold. He provided a vigorous, strategic, proactive response to each twist and turn in my case.

I would describe Matt to be ethical, responsive and sophisticated in his analysis and response to complex legal issues. You cannot ask for anymore. ”

~ Ed

“It turned out to be our good fortune to hire Matt Pavone to handle family business challenges that were extremely tedious and emotional. Matt took the time to understand the people as well as the issues involved. That, combined with his excellent legal insight, led to a fair settlement. Matt is extremely professional, yet shows empathy and compassion that go beyond the call of duty.”

Business Owner